A content management system that handles content like no other


Our CMS allows you to import content in any format, from JSON to XML.


Our CMS lets you deliver device-specific content to your user.


All Moboom page elements naturally work with any content.

How our CMS works

Moboom cooperates with all kinds of content.

Import Content

Upload content from any file format, such as XML, JSON, Excel, or RSS.

Sync Content

You can can continue to use your old CMS—simply sync a feed with Moboom.

Manage Content

Moboom's adaptive CMS helps you manually organize your content in Managed Content Sets.

Deliver Content

Because content is kept separate from design, it’s easy to access and repurpose for use on any device.

Moboom VS others

Moboom’s unique approach to content separates us from them.

How Moboom worksVSHow others work

Moboom keeps your conten seperate from your site's structure.

We use Content Sets to keep your content separate from your page design. That way, it’s easy to repurpose content without recreating it. For instance, you can use the same block of text on multiple pages or sites.


Other platforms store your content and design together.

Content strategists strongly discourage this approach because it makes it impossible for you to reuse your content—a serious problem in our constantly evolving multi-device world. We guarantee that you'll need your content in other places.

Moboom's CMS allows you to import content from anywhere, in any format.

No matter what content management system you use or what form your content is in, we’ll import it, synchronize it and index it.


Other platforms require you to use their proprietary systems.

You’re required to input your content directly into their CMS. No other platform lets you sync up feeds from various sources.

Moboom Lets you match any widget with any content

Moboom invented plugins that allow any content to work seamlessly with any widget—little to no configuration needed. There are no limits on which widgets you can use.


Other platforms restrict widget selection my content type.

Generally, you can only use widgets that are compatible with the source and format of your content. This requires time-intensive coding and configuration.

Moboom allows you to deliver device-specific content to your users.

We've combined the best of both worlds—responsive and adaptive—to optimize your website's appearance for any given viewing device. For example, we can send a different image to desktop and smartphone, like we do on Moboom's own homepage.


Other platforms deliver the same content, regardless to the device.

Most other platforms simply hide site elements (such as images, copy and functionality) on certain devices. This approach makes dangerous assumptions about users' needs—for example, the assumption that smartphone visitors do not need the full functionality of your website.

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