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World's Fastest Websites

Our patent-pending rendering technology makes Moboom websites the fastest-loading sites on the planet. While most servers execute web pages in a serial fashion, loading the header first and working their way down to the footer, Moboom servers deliver all page content simultaneously from different servers. The Moboom way prevents any one element from slowing the entire page down, resulting in fast websites for your users. And remember: Speed matters to Google. Website load times affect your search rankings, so Moboom can help bump you up toward the top.

New and improved Sitestudio

The Moboom user interface displays the tools you need, when you need them. Navigation and tools minimize, expand, hide and pop into view depending on your activity. When you’re focused on your design, the navigation menu minimizes to the side in order to give you more room to work. When you click on a widget, you see the settings for that widget, and the toolbars that you’re not using minimize. This means that your workspace isn’t cluttered with irrelevant tools. You can also choose between light and dark UI colors in order to keep the focus on your site instead of on the interface.

CSS Class Editor

Our CSS Class Editor lets you configure styles on elements like text and images without digging through CSS. For example, to change the appearance of the price for each of your products, instead of manually writing CSS, simply select the appropriate style and then configure things like font, color, size, border, position and even opacity. Our Class Editor organizes your styles and displays them next to the page you're designing. This means you don't have to switch between style sheets or refresh the page repeatedly every time you make a change. The styles are represented visually, so at a glance, you can see properties like font, color, size, margin, padding, border, opacity and more. If you want to manually write the CSS, then go ahead—we have tools that make that easier for you, too.

Reusable design snippets

Create reusable design snippets on the fly to avoid repeating the same work over and over. Snippets are just groups of widgets that you've copied and saved so that you can reuse them. Create your design once, copy it and then paste it on any page you want. Often when building a page you may notice that you're building the same designs again and again. For example, if you have a Team page that lists your employees, you might add a heading (for an employee's name and job title), image (portrait) and text (job description). Instead of recreating this work one widget at a time for every employee, just copy the widgets and save them as a snippet.

Integrated Google Fonts

Google Fonts expand your typographical resources with a library of web-friendly fonts. Until recently, when building a site, you had to choose from a list of standard fonts that were common and overused. Font choice can set the tone of a website, so working with an uninspiring list of fonts can limit your expression. Google Fonts remedied this situation by creating a web-friendly library with hundreds of fonts for you to choose from. The Google Fonts library is integrated into Moboom, so you can scroll through a long list of fonts and pick out the right ones for your site.

Multi-Lingual support

Support your international customers without recreating your website for multiple languages. This feature allows you to upload your content in multiple languages, tag the content by language and then deliver it using a custom URL. All your visitors need to do is select their preferred language. There's no need to waste time and effort forking your design and duplicating work to ensure that every site is in sync. Instead, create one site, and then translate the content. This is just another way that Moboom takes the concept of one responsive site at one URL to the next level.

Easy Widget Creation

Handlebars is a templating language that you embed into regular HTML. Basically, you write some HTML, add a few brackets with an expression and you're done. The syntax is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so you don't have learn a completely new language. And with Handlebars, you can quickly create widgets without worrying about the extra logic required by a typical programming language. Handlebars is surprisingly adaptable, and you can actually create most basic widgets just by writing some HTML and adding simple expressions. Handlebars also extends Mustache. So if you already have Mustache templates, they'll work with Handlebars.

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