DevKit takes responsive web design to the next level


Developer favorites like Bootstrap are built right into our framework.

All Devices

Moboom lets you build one perfect website that works on all devices.

Server-side Rendering

Decisions are made on the server, so you’re in control of content delivery.

Responsive Framework

Developer favorites like Bootstrap and LESS are in our DNA.

100% Bootstrap

We’ve taken the hassle out of building responsively by incorporating the most popular CSS framework into our platform. You’ll find a responsive 12-column grid built right in.

Theme with LESS

Use LESS to expand your range of Bootstrap styles. Whether you prefer to customize your own themes or use our SiteStudio, we give you the resources to realize your vision.


Devkit’s RESTful API gives you access to the total functionality of our platform. Interact with our system on a code level to harness its full power for your site.

Javascript Libraries

Our base theme includes Modernizr and jQuery—they’re pre-installed, minified, loaded into a CDN and ready to go.


Your site automatically conforms to HTML5 and CSS3 specifications, which means you can create sophisticated features to display in modern browsers.


Modernizr detects which HTML5 and CSS3 features a browser supports, so your website works perfectly in every context—even on the most antiquated browsers.


In everything we do, we consider all devices—past, present and future.

All Devices

We don’t stop at desktops, tablets and smartphones. When we say all devices, we mean all devices: We support feature phones, flip-phones, phone-tablet hybrids, wide-screen monitors and more.

Multi-Device View

At any step in the design process, you can use multi-device view to preview your site on a tablet, smartphone, feature phone or custom device, making it easy to customize content for each scenario.

Preview Url

The preview URL makes it easy to control what appears on each device. If you want an image to appear on desktops and tablets but not smartphones, simply select the image and turn off “smartphones.”

Future Devices

New phones, tablets and other devices are being invented every day. Thanks to our forward-thinking approach and flexible CMS, Moboom websites are ready for Google Glass—and whatever comes next.


Devkit uses server-side rendering for optimal content delivery.

Server-Side Media Queries

Instead of letting the device execute media queries, Devkit's patent-pending technology detects media queries on the server, resulting in faster loading websites and expanded device support.

Device-Specific Content

You’re in control of which content appears on which devices. It’s easy to display an image on tablets but not on smartphones, or show a video exclusively on desktops.

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